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Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Even though I have been silent for the past few months, I was still trying to make small changes to my everyday routines.  I successfully accomplished a few small changes that am proud of and wanted to brag about share with you.

  • Stopped eating fast food - It wasn't as hard as I thought it would be and I definitely don't miss it.  Interestingly enough, I feel as if a fog has lifted.  I didn't realize I was in any type of fog, but I feel some clarity and am able to focus a little more. 
  • Significantly reduced soda intake - I went through a period at work where I was working until Midnight for weeks straight.  I was drinking a lot of caffeinated soda to keep me going that late.  Soda made me crave sweets like crazy and of course sitting at my desk all night, I was looking for snacks.    Once my schedule started normalizing at work, I started limiting my intake to two sodas a day, one for lunch and one for dinner.  Now, I am down to maybe one for either lunch or dinner, if that.  If we go out to eat, I order tea or water and really doing what I can to eliminate them all together.  I have noticed since I stopped drinking the soda, the sweets cravings have drastically reduced and made it easier to resist them.
  • Sugar, who?  - I am not going to lie, I still love me some chocolate, cake, brownies, cookies, etc. but I was getting out of control with my consumption.  I was eating at least a couple servings a day.  I had to stop.  I noticed I had a habit of eating one of those little drumstick ice cream cones each night before bed and was trying to figure out how to quickly break the habit.  I wasn't the one bringing them into the house, but I wasn't exactly stopping it either.  First step, I asked my sister to stop buying them and the second step was to sweat out the craving.  The one thing that really helped me kick the habit was the period I stopped eating dinner.  Since I wasn't allowing myself to eat past 4pm, I wasn't allowed to indulge in the snacks that were around.  I was a beast for about a week, and had massive headaches, but once I "detoxed", the ability to ignore the craving or move past it became much easier.  My sister is still buying sweets, but I am at the point where I can have a small serving once a week and am satisfied.
  • No eating past 4pm - This wasn't a long term change nor do I recommend it , but it is something I did to help me to not only jump start some weight loss but get my eating under control.  As mentioned above, it helped with my late night snacking, but it also helped in a way with my portions.  I was eating way too much food.  Felt as though my stomach was stretched and no amount of food filled me up.  I could eat large meals and then still go looking for snacks an hour later.  I needed to do something to help shrink my stomach.  It was really hard, but I stuck to it.  Once I made it past the first week, it became second nature, and wasn't as difficult.  I lost 10 lbs the first week.  I am not doing it anymore, but have changed my evening routine.  I eat a much lighter meal at night and notice I have more energy and time in the evening to do other things:  exercise, blogging, reading, next day meal prep etc.

Little by little, I am getting into a new groove and I am realizing that I am not missing any of those old habits or things I decided to limit or give up.  I am on the right track and feeling good about it.

Hope you are happy and healthy :)
Take Care,

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