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Thursday, February 2, 2012

January Wrap Up

Sorry for the radio silence, folks.  As usual, work has taken over my life and kept me from logging on and checking in on the blog.  Plus my laptop at home has crapped out and I can't get blogger to work on my ipad for anything!  Boo Hiss!

In the past, my lack of posting would be a combination of work, too busy, family time,  and a lack of progress on the weight loss front.  I am happy to report this month, that this is not the case!  Even in my silence, even with work coming out of my ears, a sick baby, and a weekend away I have been relatively good.  I sneak in exercise when I can (although, not as much as I would like) and I have been eating mostly healthy, nutritious meals. 

In this first month of being back again, I have lost 12lbs.  (Starting Weight:  337, currently 325) 

My month in review is really a list of things I am the most proud of myself for this month....
  • I am proud that I was successful, despite the obstacles in my path. 
  • I am proud that I didn't cave into cravings and waited them out until they were gone.  (That darn cheesesteak craving has been intense for 4 weeks now and it still hasn't gone away... I might have to cave in on that one this weekend.  But will make it work in my calories for the day.)
  • I am proud that even when I felt like I couldn't/didn't want to, I did.  (Making dinner after a 14 hour day instead of ordering pizza or going through drive thru was a major moment for me this month.)
  • I am proud that I didn't slip back into old patterns after a weekend of mistakes.  Instead I started new and moved on.
February is going to be just as busy if not busier.  I have outlined a few goals below:
  •  I am still trying to work out daily, but if I can get at least 3 days under my belt I would be happy.  
  • I want to keep a fruit bowl or veggie tray at my office for snacking.  It will help combat the snack attack I get on those long days in front of my computer creating reports and analysis.  My desk snacks are almost gone and I realized they were not very filling.  (Pop chips, 100 calories packs of nuts and granola bars.)  
  • I want to keep a few pre-made salads in my fridge at work for late nights at the office.  Trader Joe's has a few that I can try.  
  • I still hate yogurt, but want to try it again.  I think it is another quick and easy breakfast item/snack that will help me at work too.
  • I need to drink more water.  I started out great at the beginning of January, but as I got busier during the month, my drinking slowed way down. 

I hope you are all doing well.  I plan on getting online and catching up on your blogs over the weekend.  :)
Take Care! 


  1. I really like that you can list both goals and things that you are proud of- both are equally important. As for "caving" on a cheesesteak- if you make it work in your calories (or in Weight Watchers talk, if you track it and still stay within your points), then it's not a "cave", it's a choice that totally fits into your weight loss plan. I'm having a steak sandwich tonight, I have it once a month and I write it down- it hasn't derailed my weight loss to enjoy a food that I love on a special occasion.

  2. I have the desk snack obstacle too! I keep fruit, yogurt, and almonds at work for snacks, and that's it. We have lunch catered daily, but I always bring my own and just stay out of the lunch room! I used to love the 100 calorie packs, but I totally agree! They weren't helpful because I'd be hungry in an hour! Good luck in February!

  3. I always carry a big ol' bottle of water with me. I showed up without it at my friend's house once, and she immediately noticed! Get a good, large bottle with a screw on lid (so it doesn't pop off when it falls over in the car!), and carry it with you like it was your purse!

    Great job on your weight loss. I really enjoy seeing others work through their goals. It's hard work! My friend and I are doing it together, and her support is great, but I also consider my fellow bloggers as partners too, so please keep us updated! :)

    Maybe if you still want to get that yogurt in, you should eat some cheesecake flavored yogurt. You can kill two birds with one stone!

  4. HAHA. I reread your post. Sorry about wrote CHEESESTEAK and I read CHEESECAKE!!! You won't want to eat CHEESESTEAK yogurt! LOL!

  5. I tagged you!! Go to my blog & check it out!!

    YOU'RE IT!!