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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Friday and Saturday Stats

Thought I would forget, did you?!  Ha, no way!  This weekend hasn't been perfect, but I still tracked, had goals, and showed a calorie deficit, even it it was small! 

Calories have been on the high side and over my daily allotment.  Not unreasonably, but still over.  I am not in anyway beating myself up over my food choices.  I told myself from the start that I an not depriving myself, but it has to fit into my regular calorie allotment.  I have been good about planning those periodic indulgences in advance or have them early enough in the day so I can make adjustments for it later, but this weekend I went into two meal times blind and guessed on the calories until I could get home and enter into the system.

Once I realized I came in a little over on calories, I vowed to up my exercise and calorie burn to work it off.  I didn't exercise on Friday, just a grueling day at work and I needed a break (and some sleep).  On Saturday, I set a goal to burn 4,000 calories.   I came just shy of that goal and couldn't be more proud of myself.  In fact, I am going to set another 4,000 calorie goal for Sunday too.

Un-Official Weigh In:  331
Calories consumed:  2161
Calories burned:  2500 (No Bodybugg to measure, so I am guessing)
Exercise:  None
Steps:  7500 (guessing)
Water:  64oz
Fruits and veggies:  2 (yikes, getting worse). 
Diet Soda: 0

Un-Official Weigh In:  331.5
Calories consumed:  2212
Calories burned:  3896
Exercise:  Leslie Sansone 3 Mile Walk Express (burned 648 calories)
Steps:  8,559
Water:  64oz 
Fruits and veggies:   0 (ewww!) servings total. 
Diet Soda: 2  (I caved!)

I hope you are all having a happy and healthy weekend!


  1. Exercise is where I'm struggling, I just have to suck it up and do it like you did! I try to get at least one fruit/veggie serving in per meal and snack so that I'm not trying to pack all of them into one meal at the end of the day. Maybe spreading them out would be easier for you too?

    Have a great weekend!

  2. My husband gave up diet soda (he used to drink, literally, about a gallon+ of diet soda each and every day) and his love handles have gotten so much smaller! It's worth it to stick to your guns and give it up. I've seen results like crazy!

    You're doing a great job tracking. It's a major part of losing weight! Go, girl!