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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Day 3 - Keepin' On Keepin' On

I am pleased to report another good day.  I have been keeping it simple and was successful at adjusting my meal plans when some unexpected surprises came up. 

It was my big bosses b-day and they had two types of cake.  I still feel weird if I don't participate in the eating of the cake because I don't want to get into a conversation in front of everyone about me trying to diet, or losing weight.  So, I decided to take what I thought would be the lesser in calories.  (I chose the cheesecake because Heidi recently told me in her Eat This, Not That book cheesecake is usually lower in calories than cake because of the frosting.)  I ate the cheesecake and immediately went to track the calories.  Because it was very high in calories, I adjusted my lunch and dinner and skipped my afternoon snack.  After Slimmons, my friends and I wanted to go and grab some dinner and catch up with each other.  2 of them wanted to go to a place where I knew I couldn't find anything that would fit into my remaining calorie range.  Instead, our little group split up and 2 of us went to Soup Plantation, where I could easily eat a meal within my available calorie bank.  NSV for me! 

A quick glance at today's stats:
Un-Official Weigh In:  334.7 (Down from yesterday, but not official WI, so I won't get excited just yet.)
Calories consumed:  1758  (I came in under my max calorie budget for dinner.  NSV 2!!  )
Calories burned:  3394  (That give me a 1636 calorie deficit.)
Exercise:  Slimmons  (Burned 770 calories tonight!.)
Steps:  8,200  (My goal is 10k daily, so I have some work to do on that one.)
Water:  80 oz  (A little less than the past two days, but still more than the required 64oz)
Fruits and veggies:  5 servings total.  (Getting better, but not where I want to be daily yet.)
Diet Soda: 0  (Yay me!  No cravings for soda today, but I have been feeling foggy and tired without it.  Also, have had terrible headaches everyday.)

Cheers to another good day.  I hope you are all doing well too!


  1. I don't drink any kind of soda anymore, haven't for over a year. Instead, I went to coffee. Now I have cut way back on that. I do get headaches from it, but I have switched my drinks to hot green tea. It's been really helpful.

    Great job on your choices for the day!

  2. Yo! BRILLIANT NSVs. You really stuck to your guns. I admire you BIG time for that.