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Friday, July 29, 2011

Hello There!

I just rejoiced that one of my favorite bloggers had posted again after a long hiatus and realized I too was being a bad blogger.  Oops!  So, I am back and with some happy updates.

I am proud to announce that I am a regular now at Slimmons!  Working out there has been a blast and I have made some super awesome friends in the process.  I have been consistently going for the past month, with the exception of one bad week, and couldn't be more pleased with myself.  I struggled for so long to find an exercise program that excited and motivated me.  I am pleased I finally found it.  I have a lot more energy, sleep better and am generally happier.  I crave the exercise now and am sad if I miss a workout.  I am going only the three days a week, but plan on upping my workouts to 4 days and then growing to 5 per week.  Baby steps.  Here is a link to the class I managed to get my husband, Daniel to attend.  Richard pulled us into the circle to dance with him.  We are at the 3:49 mark.

I am at the end of my Occupational Therapy sessions for the Lifestyle Redesign Program for Weight Loss and Management.  Overall, the experience has been good.  I learned more about my behaviors, the why's behind those behaviors and how to overcome them.  I truly see a difference in lifestyle now.  I will do a larger recap of the program on another post.  I think it was successful, in the lifestyle aspect and has set me up for future success in the weight loss front.

Speaking of weight loss, I have lost a total of 16lbs this month.  Yippee!  I had one dicey week, but in the end, I had a tremendous month for weight loss. 

During this quiet month, and my 1 hour commute home from Slimmons three days a week, I have had a lot of time to reflect and re-evaluate my goals.  I know that reaching my overall goal weight of 135lbs by the end of 2012 is unrealistic.  I would have to lose an average of  3lbs per week in the next 73 weeks.  I don't want to put that much pressure on myself.  Instead, I have decided that I would like to lose 135lbs by 2012.  That is about 1.5lbs per week for 73 weeks and would put me in the 180 lb range.  It is still a lot of weight to lose, however, I have over a year to get it done.  I think if I can keep up with these lifestyle changes, I can make it happen.  So, 135 by 2012 has a different meaning to me now, but still a good goal to pursue. 

As for the blogs, sorry if I have been so quiet lately.  I am reading your blogs, even if I am not commenting.  Another goal I am setting for myself is to do 3 posts per week (on the nights I am not at Slimmons.)

Thanks for being here and part of my journey.  I appreciate all your support and encouragement. 


  1. You are doing so well...and I am so glad to see you back!

  2. You know what, I think that 135 lost is still a pretty darn impressive goal, and much more attainable (and less stress on yourself). Keep it rockin!