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Friday, June 3, 2011

It is Time!

I admit, one of my issues with weight loss is managing to combine both nutrition and exercise in my day to day routine.  I have been doing one or the other this entire time.  I just couldn't manage to swing both.  I can honestly tell you sometimes, it is just impossible, other times, I am too tired or just plain lazy. Tell me, ladies, how do you manage full time jobs (at home or outside of the home), commuting, kids, chores, shopping, meal planning, getting a decent nights sleep, blogging and still manage to squeeze in exercise?  

Well today, at my Occupational Therapy session, we talked about how it is now time to do both.  I have pretty much mastered my nutrition, meal planning, etc.  Now I have to start incorporating the exercise.  No more excuses, no more delays.  It is time.

We learned that I have a hard time relaxing, which isn't relieving my stress, which triggers those cravings, which leads me to a battle of wills between me and that little voice telling me to eat cake.  My approach of jumping up for a quick activity to relieve the stress and walk away from the craving wasn't working.  She also suggested I take 5 minutes each day, to start, and do some meditation, followed by deep breathing and stretching. 

So my new plan of action this week:
Wake up, and meditate for 5min, followed by 5 minutes of deep breathing and stretching.
Walk/exercise for 30 minutes, eat breakfast and dress for work.
I need to reflect and see if those cravings disappear with regular exercise.  If not, then back to the drawing board.


  1. Good for you. Sometimes life changes exist we know we want to make but find hard to get going. Just do it is a good approach. I think we are all guilty of putting off those things we know we should do ( of course we are thats how we put weight on in the first place)
    Good luck - i hope it goes well

  2. It is hard to do it all: eat well and exercise besides everything else. But the fact of the matter is we can do this. I like how you are going to focus on five minute intervals. Baby steps will get you started. Next thing you know you are up to 30 minutes a day and won't feel good unless the exercise is done each day!

  3. You can do this! The meditation is great and does help. I wish there were easy answers and methods to all of this - it just has to be our new lifestyle. Best of luck.