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Friday, June 24, 2011

A Big Fat Maintain!

Just got back from my occupational therapy appointment and my weigh in was disappointing.  I had a big fat maintain.  327.  No loss for a two week period.  At least it is not a gain, but I should have seen some scale movement.  I was hoping for 2lbs each week for a total of 4. 

We have identified my culprits:

1.)  I am not drinking my water.
2.)  Not consistent with the exercise.
3.)  Not consistent with wearing my Bodybugg.

Why are these barriers for the past two weeks?

1,)  Water - I am not drinking enough period. I know this because my lips are super chapped and my skin is very dry.  I am not drinking much at home either.  Maybe half a glass of water or tea with dinner, that is it.  At work, I have been in so many meetings and/or engrossed in projects that I am not paying attention to my water bottle.  That big green bottle and I have been a little distant lately and that relationship is about to change.  I promptly filled him up before I sat down at my desk to write this post.  I am nearly half done with 32 oz.  My renewed goal is to drink 3 of these big green bottles, which equals 96oz of water a day.

2.)  Exercise - Getting out to walk these days have been a little difficult.  Between the pure lack of motivation on my part, Holly's teething mood swings, late work nights, etc. the fun family walks have been kicked to the curbside.  Well, tonight, it is a no brainer, after dinner, we walk.  We are going out to eat, but it should be an early night.  (Assuming, Holly let's us.  LOL!)  I am going to talk about my lack of exercise motivation more below.  It was the topic of my appointment today.

3.)  Bodybugg - My bodybugg has been absent from my daily routine.  I relied heavily on that little watch monitor to tell me how close I am to reaching my daily targets.  Well, the watch battery died and so did my attention to the Bodybugg.  On days that I would wear it, I wouldn't download the stats until the end of the day and by that time it was too late to work achieving any missed targets.  So Saturday, I get the watch battery replaced and the Bodybugg back to it's permanent position on my arm.  I really do need that visual status of where I am to keep me motivated.

 One of the reasons why I like going to this occupational therapist is because she dives deep and helps me realize my barriers with weight loss.  I just assumed I was too lazy to exercise and ate whatever I wanted and that is why I am overweight and not successful with weight loss.  She has helped me open my eyes to the fact that it is not just laziness, but barriers that I need to work around to be successful.  So today's topic was exercise.

We determined the main barriers are parenting, work and yes, lack of motivation.  Parenting and work are the biggies.  Not much I can do to get around the work barrier other than trying to sneak a quick walk or stair climb between meetings.  Not very realistic though.  My hours are my hours and if I have to work late to meet a deadline I am going to do it.  Parenting barriers relate to the beauty that is mommy hood.  Holly is still unpredictable when we get home.  If she is teething, or didn't have a good nap, she is moody and cranky, which does work well if we need her to sit in a stroller for 20 -30 minutes.  On good nights though, no issue. 

The other barrier is lack of motivation.  On the good nights (I am home at a decent time, Holly is in a good mood), then it is up to me to get out there and go.  I don't sometimes.  Why?  Because it is a chore.  It is not fun.  I had an exhausting day and all I want to do is relax and enjoy my baby.  So to combat that lack of motivation, we needed to find something fun and challenging so I will engage.  We agreed that the Bodybugg stats have been a very successful motivator in the past and it is fun to achieve the daily targets.  So I will get back on that bandwagon as mentioned above.

I also need to find other sources of exercise, besides the walks, to keep me interested.  We take different routes, we time ourselves, we check step stats, and try to improve on them each time, but even that gets a little boring.  So I have decided to get out there and start doing some of these exercise classes that I have been avoiding for so long.  So this week, I shall participate in an exercise class and see if I like it.  Will it be something that I will love and want to come back to every few days or will be it a one hit wonder?  Or will I feel totally awkward and hate it?  I have no clue, but I am going to find out.  Stay tuned!


  1. Maintains can be such bummers... but I always try to remember that at least they're not gains. Cause those are huge bummers :)

  2. I'm like you...I don't think I will EVER EVER enjoy exercise. I go in phases where I can fake it long enough to see results...but then that wears off. For me, it has to be JUST DO IT. There's nothing else that works.