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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Why So Quiet Lately?

I have been quiet lately because I have been kicking weight loss booty, that is why!  LOL!

Lots to report on....

1.) Weigh In On Friday:  I had my formal weigh in with the Occupational Therapist this past Friday.  As suspected, I had a great number.  The prior weight was 332 and my new weight was 324.  A total two week loss of 8lbs!  YES!!!  Granted, that was mostly due to the lack of food during my wisdom teeth removal, but I will take it.

Interestingly enough, as soon as I started eating regularly again Friday afternoon, my weight shot right up.  I gained 2lbs overnight.  I find this impossible, since I was careful with my calorie ranges.  I am guessing it was the shock to the system to have food again.  Also, I notice over the weekend, I don't drink enough water.  I am still pushing to show a loss this week and not a gain or maintain.

2.)  Lost and Found:  Last night I found the Body Bugg baby Holly "hid".  I have it charging today and have to renew my subscription.  I should be wearing it full on starting tonight.  In other news, I am now missing my wedding band. :(  She can reach the nightstand now and things are disappearing one by one.  I am hoping the band shows up soon.  My wedding anniversary is Friday and it would be nice to wear my ring.  LOL!  (4 years, yay!)

3.) Food:  Got the go ahead from the oral surgeon to start eating regularly last Friday afternoon.  NSV - I didn't go nuts and binge like a mad woman.  I did enjoy a few special treats though, in honor of being able to eat again and the fact we celebrate Easter.  I wrote it down and they worked into my daily calorie ranges.  Easter dinner was late, and we skipped lunch, so I did overeat that meal and I felt crappy the rest of the night.  Lesson learned - have the healthy snack in between meals. 

4.)  Exercise:  My goal this week with the therapist was to get in 3 exercise sessions this week.  So far, I have done some light aerobic workouts each day, but nothing sweaty worthy like I had planned.  I am getting off work early today and will be heading to the gym afterward to get in a "real effort" workout.  I have today  through 9am Friday morning to get in my 3 sessions so I reach my weekly goal.

5.) Meal Planning:  I tried to get my meals planned out this week and did a so/so job.  It was pretty easy considering two days were Easter dinner/leftovers and then soup with the rest of the leftover ham the next two days after that.  What I have been doing great at is my snacking.

6.)  Snacking:  I was told that I should eat within 30 minutes of waking up.  I have done that Monday - Wednesday this week.  I ate either an apple or some cheese and crackers.  I packed my snacks and was able to eat them during the work day as planned.  This made a huge difference during my meal times.  I wasn't as hungry and didn't eat breakfast, lunch or dinner as fast.  My smaller portions at meal time seemed too big and I didn't always finish.  Yay, Me!

Overall, so far a great week.  I have been flying high since Friday morning.  My attitude has been super positive and I feel fantastic.  I am sure the sleep I am getting is helping with that as well.  I plan on keeping this up because I am getting addicted to this feeling of accomplishment, happiness and extra smiles.

Also, this was my 50th post and coincidentally, I just got my 50th and 51st follower.  In honor of this achievement, I decided to do a giveaway.  My next post will have all the details.  I hope you all enter. 

Have a great day!


  1. This post gave me a HUGE smile!!!!

    Go, chica! GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Having the wisdom teeth out can be rough. Glad you haven't had complications though and things are going well! Also great to see you keeping on task with your goals- that's awesome.

  3. You have been busy and SUCCESSFUL! Brilliant! Super positive attitude and super positive results....I love reading such good news..its really encouraging ....

  4. You are rockin! Most people who have oral surgery (read that as ME) would make tons of excuses why they couldn't keep up with the weight loss. Good for you! Sounds like you are busy woman, keep it up!

  5. Lots of good news! Congrats on the loss! That is awesome!

  6. The weight you "gained" after starting to eat again may just have been the food in your digestive tract, which before that was probably pretty empty... (sorry, disgusting, I know). Many people who fast experience this... they are excited about the "weight loss", and then they start eating again and usually "gain" everything back. But that's not all that illogical - I mean, what else should happen to the food you eat before it leaves your body again? Therefore, You shouldn't count that as a real "gain", just a reintroduction of the healthy status quo.