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Friday, April 29, 2011

What a beautiful day for a wedding and anniversary!

I was so excited about the royal wedding that I set my alarm to wake up at 1am pacific time to watch the coverage, live, even though I was taping it.  Part of me was excited for William and Kate, but the other part of me was excited to see another wedding on April 29th, because 4 years ago today, I too wed my prince, Daniel.

My tiara was not by Cartier, but I loved it.  LOL!  Now that I think about it, I should have worn it for the ceremony this morning.  Shucks!!
Happy Wedding to William and Kate, and Happy Anniversary to me!! 

In other news:
Weigh in was not great this week :(  I didn't go to my occupational therapist appointment, but did an "unofficial" weigh in at home:  327.7  YIKES!  I am up 3.7 lbs.  I tried my best to lose or maintain this week, but I guess my body had other ideas.  Must have been a reaction to the starvation from the wisdom teeth.  
I am not going to let it get me down.  I know I had a phenomenal week and plan to keep developing this new routine of mine.  I still FEEL FANTASTIC, and am in a happy place.  I am expecting a good result next week.  Oh, and promised giveaway is next post.  YAY!


  1. Happy Anniversary! You looked beautiful. I've always loved the white wedding dresses with red trim.

  2. You looked beautiful. I got married in May of 2007 and had the same dress.