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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Soup and Sushi

Thanks to everyone for the nice comments on my last post.  I am pulling out of my funk and feeling better.  The weekend eats were hit and miss, but mostly hits.  Monday and so far today I have been doing really well.  In fact today's lunch is a small brothy chicken and rice soup and some veggie sushi.  I am half way through the sushi and might not eat the soup until my afternoon snack.

Tomorrow is my last full day of work this week.  I have Thursday and Friday off to enjoy the arrival of my mom and sister.  I am planning on getting a gym workout squeezed in one (or both) days.  Saturday, is going to be our first trip to Disneyland.  I have been to Disney World many times, but this is the first to Disneyland for Daniel and I and Holly's first trip ever to a Disney park.  We are excited.  I plan on doing lots of walking and standing and will be wearing the Body Bugg.  Dying to see how many calories I burn while I am there.

Hope you are all doing well and having a great week so far :)


  1. I haven't been to Disney Land in forever! Have fun! I'm sure you will burn lots of calories while you're there :)

  2. I swear by soups - in fact Im having soups most meals now just because I'm loving the flavours and it seems to be working
    I've never been to disneyland, never been on a rollercoaster. One day.
    Have a fabulous time and I bet Holly will love every minute

  3. Love the veggie sushi and soup. That stuff is awesome!

  4. I have toyed with the notion of getting a bodybugg or something similar. I'd love to know what I am really burning:) Have fun!

  5. Hope you had fun! :) curious, what did the bodybugg reflect? those walk at amusement parks alway leave me so tired (must be a good workout)