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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Session #5 - Emotional Eating and Weigh In

I went back to the occupational therapist on Friday morning for my weigh in and official session #5.  The weigh in results were a 0.2lb loss.  I will take it.  This was my "off" week and learned that I can maintain on my own, without tracking, food logging, etc.  Official weigh in :  332

The therapist wanted to talk about emotional eating this week.  She had me fill out a survey of about 30 circumstances of when/why I would eat.  I had to rate each statement with a Frequent, Occasionally, or Never.  I had a good 50/50 ratio on the frequent and occasional questions and a solid 5 or so on the never categories.  (I will get a copy of the questions/statements from her at my next visit and will share with you all.)

Afterward, we went through each one and she had me explain a bit about my answer. The biggest issues for me were eating when I was stressed, anxious or unhappy.  (Who doesn't?)  Those are the three major issues we will review and tackle going forward.  She found it interesting that I would have to go out of my way to eat those foods I crave when I am upset or needing comfort.  I don't keep them in the house and would have to go out to eat to find them.  Which lead onto a path about my eating out all the time.  I had a bit of a revelation about this subject.  

I never really questioned why I went out to eat, other than I was tired and didn't feel like cooking or cleaning up afterwards.  We talked a little more about it and I also realized that I use that time when we go out to eat to enjoy my family, relax and revel in the experience, rather than the food.  7 out of 10 times I eat out during the week it is so someone else can do all the work. I just want to unwind after a crazy day and don't care where we go, as long as I don't have to cook.  Food is my last consideration.  Now the other 3 times when I have a specific craving, like chicken wings, we are going out for the wing experience, but luckily, lately that isn't always the case. 

I have found a few local restaurants that have decent calorie friendly meals on their menu and I enjoy ordering from them.  I have been very conscience about my calorie levels when going out to eat and have been making better food choices.  Even the hubby noticed and commented on this.  I think I am going to stop making myself feel guilty when I want to go out to eat rather than stay home and cook, when I am tired or stressed out.  As long as I am being mindful of my choices.  I have to stop putting so much pressure on myself and do what I can to make everything work, and stay happy at the same time.

It was a good session and I felt wonderful afterward.  We won't have a session this Friday, as I am having my wisdom teeth removed.... EEK!!  I will be going the week after that.  I am hoping for a big loss, especially if I can only eat soup for 4 or more days.  LOL! 


  1. Sounds like you had some great revelations. Congratulations. Hope the wisdom teeth are not too bad!!

  2. I feel the same way about going out to eat. It's something that I love doing (for the experience itself), and I have to work it into my lifestyle. I find that it's pretty easy to do so, as long as I do all the things necessary to make healthy choices.

  3. I've considered going to a therapist, but it seems crazy that I would have to pay someone to hear me talk about food issues. LOL

    Good luck this week with your wisdom teeth!

  4. It's so difficult to eat out! It's great you've found some good stuff. I have a few staples I get at places that are allergen/vegan friendly.

    Today I'm going to a middle eastern place and getting the mujadara plate, it's lentils, rice, and fried onions. LOVE IT. I get it without salata, and get hot sauce instead. Mmmmm. :)

    How did the wisdom teeth thing go? I need to have one removed, cracked and it hates me. :(