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Friday, April 29, 2011

A Giveaway!

I noticed last week that I had just reached my 50th blog post, at the same time, I had just gained my 50th and 51st follower.  I decided that was a sign from above and a giveaway was in order!  I wanted to thank those people who choose to read and support me in this journey.  Thanks to you for all your encouragement, support and honesty.

This is not a sponsored giveaway.  I am paying for the item myself and will pay for the cost of shipping to the winner.  Everyone can enter, regardless of location.  Assuming of course your country doesn't find it illegal for me to mail you a book from the US ;)

I have been working on my cooking skills, and hunting for easy, ingredient friendly, healthy recipes that I can make easily at home during the week.  I came across this book at my local grocery store and instantly fell in love it.  It has been one of my best impulse buys in history.

Picture from

This is The Best of Clean Eating cookbook from Clean Eating magazine.  What I love about this cookbook:
  •  Clean Eating - The concept itself!  I needed to get away from those processed foods and learn how to cook with real fruit and veggies.  I am still a novice at food prep, and need some guidance on what foods complement each other and break out of my shell and try new foods. 
  • The Pictures - There are pictures all over this cookbook and each one makes my mouth water.
  • Sections - The cookbook is broken into sections - quick meals, budget friendly, holiday, etc.  
  • 200 recipes - There are over 200 recipes in this book, all editors choices, best of the best from Clean Eating magazine, in one softcover, book. There is a great variety and I look forward to trying them all.
The rules are simple:
  • Follow my blog and leave a comment about telling me about your favorite cookbook.
  • You can post this giveaway on your blog, and leave another comment letting me know you did.
I am going to keep the giveaway open until Midnight, Thursday, May 5th. (US Pacific time)  The winner will be chosen via's Random Number Generator and posted on Friday, May 6th. 

Thanks for participating!  Good luck :)

What a beautiful day for a wedding and anniversary!

I was so excited about the royal wedding that I set my alarm to wake up at 1am pacific time to watch the coverage, live, even though I was taping it.  Part of me was excited for William and Kate, but the other part of me was excited to see another wedding on April 29th, because 4 years ago today, I too wed my prince, Daniel.

My tiara was not by Cartier, but I loved it.  LOL!  Now that I think about it, I should have worn it for the ceremony this morning.  Shucks!!
Happy Wedding to William and Kate, and Happy Anniversary to me!! 

In other news:
Weigh in was not great this week :(  I didn't go to my occupational therapist appointment, but did an "unofficial" weigh in at home:  327.7  YIKES!  I am up 3.7 lbs.  I tried my best to lose or maintain this week, but I guess my body had other ideas.  Must have been a reaction to the starvation from the wisdom teeth.  
I am not going to let it get me down.  I know I had a phenomenal week and plan to keep developing this new routine of mine.  I still FEEL FANTASTIC, and am in a happy place.  I am expecting a good result next week.  Oh, and promised giveaway is next post.  YAY!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Why So Quiet Lately?

I have been quiet lately because I have been kicking weight loss booty, that is why!  LOL!

Lots to report on....

1.) Weigh In On Friday:  I had my formal weigh in with the Occupational Therapist this past Friday.  As suspected, I had a great number.  The prior weight was 332 and my new weight was 324.  A total two week loss of 8lbs!  YES!!!  Granted, that was mostly due to the lack of food during my wisdom teeth removal, but I will take it.

Interestingly enough, as soon as I started eating regularly again Friday afternoon, my weight shot right up.  I gained 2lbs overnight.  I find this impossible, since I was careful with my calorie ranges.  I am guessing it was the shock to the system to have food again.  Also, I notice over the weekend, I don't drink enough water.  I am still pushing to show a loss this week and not a gain or maintain.

2.)  Lost and Found:  Last night I found the Body Bugg baby Holly "hid".  I have it charging today and have to renew my subscription.  I should be wearing it full on starting tonight.  In other news, I am now missing my wedding band. :(  She can reach the nightstand now and things are disappearing one by one.  I am hoping the band shows up soon.  My wedding anniversary is Friday and it would be nice to wear my ring.  LOL!  (4 years, yay!)

3.) Food:  Got the go ahead from the oral surgeon to start eating regularly last Friday afternoon.  NSV - I didn't go nuts and binge like a mad woman.  I did enjoy a few special treats though, in honor of being able to eat again and the fact we celebrate Easter.  I wrote it down and they worked into my daily calorie ranges.  Easter dinner was late, and we skipped lunch, so I did overeat that meal and I felt crappy the rest of the night.  Lesson learned - have the healthy snack in between meals. 

4.)  Exercise:  My goal this week with the therapist was to get in 3 exercise sessions this week.  So far, I have done some light aerobic workouts each day, but nothing sweaty worthy like I had planned.  I am getting off work early today and will be heading to the gym afterward to get in a "real effort" workout.  I have today  through 9am Friday morning to get in my 3 sessions so I reach my weekly goal.

5.) Meal Planning:  I tried to get my meals planned out this week and did a so/so job.  It was pretty easy considering two days were Easter dinner/leftovers and then soup with the rest of the leftover ham the next two days after that.  What I have been doing great at is my snacking.

6.)  Snacking:  I was told that I should eat within 30 minutes of waking up.  I have done that Monday - Wednesday this week.  I ate either an apple or some cheese and crackers.  I packed my snacks and was able to eat them during the work day as planned.  This made a huge difference during my meal times.  I wasn't as hungry and didn't eat breakfast, lunch or dinner as fast.  My smaller portions at meal time seemed too big and I didn't always finish.  Yay, Me!

Overall, so far a great week.  I have been flying high since Friday morning.  My attitude has been super positive and I feel fantastic.  I am sure the sleep I am getting is helping with that as well.  I plan on keeping this up because I am getting addicted to this feeling of accomplishment, happiness and extra smiles.

Also, this was my 50th post and coincidentally, I just got my 50th and 51st follower.  In honor of this achievement, I decided to do a giveaway.  My next post will have all the details.  I hope you all enter. 

Have a great day!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Recovery and Weight Loss

Well, the wisdom teeth removal was a success on Friday.  I kept waking up during the procedure, so I was pumped a ton of drugs.  Good thing is, I never felt a thing and that lead to them giving me a good Rx combination to get me through the recovery weekend.  Woo Hoo!

Since I didn't have my occupational therapist appointment on Friday, I decided to have an unofficial weigh in at home pre-surgery.  I weighed in at 328.8, which was an unofficial loss of 3.2 lbs!  Another big Woo Hoo!

The husband, mom, sister and I have had some bets going to see how much weight I would lose while I recovered and was forced to a diet of liquids and soft foods.  So far, I am down another 7.5lbs from Friday's pre-surgery weight.  It would be a dream come true to go back to occupational therapist on Friday for my official weigh in and have skipped the 320's all together.  I am curious to see if I gain back that week I am back to eating a normal, healthy diet, or would I still lose? 
Eating has been boring:  applesauce, broth, oatmeal, grits, frozen yogurt, pudding and baked/mashed yams.  I am so hungry for some real food, you have no idea. I just have this urge to chew something!  Not sure how much longer my mouth will be sore and when I can start eating solids again.  I hope not too much longer.  Apparently, I am a bear at home when I don't have proper nutrition.  LOL!

I did some baking yesterday, which was safe, since I can't eat those delicious creations.  I tried out the Pina Colada Cupcakes recipe from Gina's Skinny Recipes.  They were a big hit with my skeptical mom and sister.  They think anything "diet" is disgusting and not worth the effort.  I was on a quest to prove them wrong and boy did I pick the right recipe to get them to open their minds up a little more.  Little by little I will get them to realize that healthy eating is not "diet and gross", but delicious and gives you an extra pep in your step.

I hope all is well with everyone! 

Friday, April 15, 2011

Beyond Willpower's Contest!

Beyond Willpower is a blog I started following a few months ago.  She has been a wonderful supporter and left many nice and helpful comments on my blog.  She is a dynamic woman on a journey to lose half her body weight (299 to 149).  She is a vegan and has posted a number of awesome recipes.  She really knows how to kick up boring old veggies into a tasty meal.

Well, she has a contest going on to win a copy of one of her favorite cookbooks.  Please click here to go to her page learn how to enter the contest. 

Contest Deadline:
Starts now (April 12th) Ends before midnight (eastern time) April 22nd 2011
Check out her website and enter the contest!!! 

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Disneyland Visit

Our first visit to Disneyland was a huge success.

Baby Holly had a blast.

She did well with the characters, even though the pictures tell a different story.  No tears, or fear when she walked up to them.  Her reaction was more WTF?  But when the character left, she clapped her hands and freaked out.  LOL!

A true measure of a good day.  Nap #2!!

Holly's favorite ride was It's A Small World,(pic below) but she also loved the Haunted Mansion and Pirates of the Caribbean.

She even got her rave on for the firework show.  Light up/flashing mouse ears.

We had such a great time, we went ahead and converted our tickets to the annual pass.  Now, we can go anytime we want.  The park is only 45 minutes away. 

We walked, walked, walked, then squatted down a few hundred times and had to pick up and lug around a 23 lb baby in the lines, etc.  At the end of the day, my feet were killing me and I needed to rest.  I took a 45 minute sit on a bench waiting for the fireworks show to start.    The next day, my husband and I were so sore we could barely move.  I think we used every muscle in our bodies.  LOL!  It took a day to recover, but it was worth it.

Eating was okay.  I did indulge in a little theme park food fare, but had planned on doing that.  I did notice a lot of healthier choices for both adult and child meals.  Fresh fruit stands, salads, sweet potato fries, apple slices instead of fries or potato chips, etc.  I can definitely plan a healthy meal next time and eat guilt free.

Calories Burned??  NO CLUE!  I had the Body Bugg charging for the big trip and some time the night before or the morning of, Holly took the Body Bugg off the charger and hid it/lost it.  I looked and looked and still haven't found it.  She must have a new secret hiding spot.  So I have no idea how many calories I burned while at the park, but I am guessing a reasonable 1 billion calories.  Seriously, I weigh 332 + carrying 23 lbs most of the day = 355 lbs moving all day.  That had to get the burn up there, right?  LOL!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Session #5 - Emotional Eating and Weigh In

I went back to the occupational therapist on Friday morning for my weigh in and official session #5.  The weigh in results were a 0.2lb loss.  I will take it.  This was my "off" week and learned that I can maintain on my own, without tracking, food logging, etc.  Official weigh in :  332

The therapist wanted to talk about emotional eating this week.  She had me fill out a survey of about 30 circumstances of when/why I would eat.  I had to rate each statement with a Frequent, Occasionally, or Never.  I had a good 50/50 ratio on the frequent and occasional questions and a solid 5 or so on the never categories.  (I will get a copy of the questions/statements from her at my next visit and will share with you all.)

Afterward, we went through each one and she had me explain a bit about my answer. The biggest issues for me were eating when I was stressed, anxious or unhappy.  (Who doesn't?)  Those are the three major issues we will review and tackle going forward.  She found it interesting that I would have to go out of my way to eat those foods I crave when I am upset or needing comfort.  I don't keep them in the house and would have to go out to eat to find them.  Which lead onto a path about my eating out all the time.  I had a bit of a revelation about this subject.  

I never really questioned why I went out to eat, other than I was tired and didn't feel like cooking or cleaning up afterwards.  We talked a little more about it and I also realized that I use that time when we go out to eat to enjoy my family, relax and revel in the experience, rather than the food.  7 out of 10 times I eat out during the week it is so someone else can do all the work. I just want to unwind after a crazy day and don't care where we go, as long as I don't have to cook.  Food is my last consideration.  Now the other 3 times when I have a specific craving, like chicken wings, we are going out for the wing experience, but luckily, lately that isn't always the case. 

I have found a few local restaurants that have decent calorie friendly meals on their menu and I enjoy ordering from them.  I have been very conscience about my calorie levels when going out to eat and have been making better food choices.  Even the hubby noticed and commented on this.  I think I am going to stop making myself feel guilty when I want to go out to eat rather than stay home and cook, when I am tired or stressed out.  As long as I am being mindful of my choices.  I have to stop putting so much pressure on myself and do what I can to make everything work, and stay happy at the same time.

It was a good session and I felt wonderful afterward.  We won't have a session this Friday, as I am having my wisdom teeth removed.... EEK!!  I will be going the week after that.  I am hoping for a big loss, especially if I can only eat soup for 4 or more days.  LOL! 

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Soup and Sushi

Thanks to everyone for the nice comments on my last post.  I am pulling out of my funk and feeling better.  The weekend eats were hit and miss, but mostly hits.  Monday and so far today I have been doing really well.  In fact today's lunch is a small brothy chicken and rice soup and some veggie sushi.  I am half way through the sushi and might not eat the soup until my afternoon snack.

Tomorrow is my last full day of work this week.  I have Thursday and Friday off to enjoy the arrival of my mom and sister.  I am planning on getting a gym workout squeezed in one (or both) days.  Saturday, is going to be our first trip to Disneyland.  I have been to Disney World many times, but this is the first to Disneyland for Daniel and I and Holly's first trip ever to a Disney park.  We are excited.  I plan on doing lots of walking and standing and will be wearing the Body Bugg.  Dying to see how many calories I burn while I am there.

Hope you are all doing well and having a great week so far :)

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Session #4 - Sort of

Today's session with the occupational therapist didn't go as planned.  I went to the appointment and weighed in, but we didn't have our typical session.  We had a big talk about what was going on with me this week instead.  Sat - Monday, I was still flying high from my 5lb weight loss and did great.  But Tuesday was another story.  I got hit with a new long term project at work that I am less than thrilled about.  As a result, I was pretty unhappy at work this week and I let it affect my eating, exercise, etc.  Basically, I comfort ate my way through Tuesday - Thursday.  On top of it all, Holly and I are fighting a head cold and she has been absolutely miserable this week.  She has been up at night, neither of us are sleeping well, and I think she is teething. She had many meltdowns this week and it just makes things 10x harder.

This week was the kind of week that I have had in the past and motivated me to try this occupational therapy program in the first place. 

I did recognize in this mess a few positive things:
1.)  In the past, I would have done a lot of binge eating on sweets, but didn't do so this week.  I did have a few desserts, but nothing like the bag of Oreo's or a tray of brownies that I would have had in the past.  In fact, I didn't really binge eat at all.  I just ate foods that are not the best choices, like my best friend, macaroni and cheese.

2.)  The slip up lasted 3 full days, instead of 3 weeks.  In the past I would have given up for either the rest of the week,

I snapped out of this funk on Thursday night.  I gave myself a little pep talk while in the shower Thursday night.  I washed away the sins of Tuesday - Thursday and went to bed knowing I would start fresh again on Friday.

The therapist gave me the option of weighing in today.  I wanted to face the music and go for it.  No reason to hide from what I did.....  Today's weigh in:  332.2 -No gain or loss.  I do know that as of my home scale on Monday morning before my self sabotage, I was down 4lbs.  So technically, I lost 4lbs, but gained them right back from my three days off program.  That sucked, but at least it wasn't an official gain.

At the end of every session, we usually map out goals for the next week.  My mom and sister arrive on Wednesday and I know that I will have an upside down routine next week when they get here.   The therapist suggested I take it easy on the goals for this week and try to just focus on one meal time, like lunches, for planning etc. 

It felt good going to the session today and unloading.  I didn't give her a chance to do much help, because I had already recognized what was wrong, how I was going to fix it, etc.  It was just nice to have that extra support.  It was also good to have a fresh examples of my challenges so she understood the triggers and how I react.