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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Session #2

Today I had my session #2 of 16 with the occupational therapist.

Weigh In:   337.6 - Gain of 1 lb which was not a surprise.  We discussed why and moved on.

Today's topic of discussion was Introduction to New Eating Routines.  We talked about the how and when of eating can impact your weight.
  • Eating slowly cause you to feel full with fewer calories. - I am certainly one of those who inhale their food.  I think I do it because I am ravenous by the time I eat and because of time constraintsI sighted this as one of my "to work on" tasks this week.
  • Excess refined or processed sugars and other simple carbs, salt and fat cause overeating.  - Nothing surprising here either, however, I am not sure how I am going to be able to give up my sugar.  LOL!-
  • Eat frequently and in a predictable pattern, ever 2-3 hours.   - Again, something I am aware of, but not practicing regularly.  I will be implementing this frequent eating plan this week.  Let's see how realistically I can make it happen at work.
  • Build meals around the three macronutrients:  Protein, carbs and fat.  USDA recommends 50% of calories from carbs, 30% from fat and 20% from protein.  - I always thought the majority of my calories should have come from protein to keep me fuller, but I guess the more complex carbs makes sense.
From this point, we got into a little more detail around my eating patterns and frequency throughout the day.  As I mentioned earlier, I tend to stuff my face quickly because I am usually very hungry when I eat, especially dinner and breakfast.  The program recommends I eat within 30 minutes of waking up.  Doesn't have to be huge in fact, we discussed a little PB&J on Sandwich Thins would be a good breakfast. Then a snack within two hours of eating breakfast.  Fresh fruits, veggies and a protein if needed. And follow this pattern 2-3 hours apart.  They suggested we eat lunch before 1pm.  Dinner should be the last meal of the day unless I am hungry again and can't wait for breakfast.  At that point I can have a small fruit or veggie snack.

Each visit I discuss my goals for the next week and what I want to achieve.  This week I want to focus on journaling (including reasons/drivers behind some food choices.)  Trying to stay on program all week and  keep up the new physical activity I started today.  My homework was the work on planning ahead.  Make sure I have plenty of cut up veggies and fruit to grab for those moments I am looking for instant satisfaction. Also, to plan one meal a week that doesn't follow program (a nice way of saying cheat meal!).

Like I said, none of this was news to me but was a good reminder of WHY I am supposed to be doing these things.  What I liked about this session is the discussion I had about what was going on with my week, triggers I realized during the week that drove me to eat out, exhaustion, etc.  We even discussed in detail my daily schedule from wake up to going to bed.  I think she was tired just listening about it.  

I am excited to go back next week and see how I do. 


  1. I think this opportunity to talk and to learn with qualified but independent outsiders is fabulous. I would love to have this opportunity. You have found such a fantastic resource and wow...its going to be be good for you. I'm looking forward to next week's news too

  2. I always thought, oh yeah, about eating slowly and mindfully, but it really works. I would also suggest eating at the table if you eat in front of a tv. You will not believe the difference it makes. I actually felt full and I never feel full.

  3. These are all great tips! thanks for sharing and I wish you success :) I've started doing the eating more regularly every 2-3 hours and have found it really works, and by the time I get off work, go to the gym, my commute I'm starving by dinner which I def need to work on!

  4. I was doing good with eating slowly before, the last two weeks I've waited too long to eat and been ravenous and eating really fast. I Know that's not good. Thanks for the reminder! I need to slow it down as well.

    I've been eating a breakfast of 2-3 pieces of fruit and a quarter cup of almonds or walnuts or pistachios. Or, I'll have a chocolate protein shake smoothie with a banana, a cup of strawberries and a kiwi. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm :D taht's actually what I had for dinner last night. ha.