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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

An Intro To Exercise

Have I ever mentioned that I have two dogs?  Mini Schnauzer's named Kayla and Klaus.  Here are a few pics:

Klaus The Bumble Bee

Kayla is the quiet and reserved one.

My husband has always been the care taker of the dogs, but recently I have taken it upon myself to walk them.  They are not properly trained, so walking them is a struggle.  I go out for 15-30 minutes, 3 times a day.  While it is not the high impact cardio workout I am longing for, it is a good intro to get me used to moving again. 

My short term goal is to maintain these walks (which start at 4:30 or 5:00am) and add a formal home DVD workout after the early morning session, before Holly wakes up, 3 x a week (or more).  My long time goal, when my mom moves here, is to hit the gym after our early morning walk 6 x a week (or more).     

I have part two of my occupational therapy session today.  We are going to discuss nutrition and have another weigh in.  I have been eating like crap-ola so I am not expecting much in the weight loss arena.  But I am making the small changes I set out to do and expect to start seeing some results in the next few weeks.


  1. They are so cute! Good to know Cooper has friends in California.

  2. i hope talking about nutrition is helpful, i have been struggling with getting to a nutritionist myself, apparently my insurance wont cover it unless i am in my home state (im across the country for school) So i have been a little on my own. I hope it works out better this week with your meeting, no matter where you are at with your weight/

  3. My dog is a good excuse for me to get out and walk even when I don't want to. You will be surprised if you keep it up how much stamina you build. Good luck with your nutritonist.

  4. Kala and Klaus are gorgeous. What a couple of sweeties. Small changes add up to big ones if you give it time.

  5. Your doggies are so pretty! I can't wait to get my puppy her first cut so she looks like a schnauzer. Right now she's an adorable ball of black fur.

    My snoodle that passed away recently wasn't well trained on walks either. It's amazing how strong such a small dog is though. He'd pull me along and make me walk faster than I would otherwise. It was good for both of us too :)

    (I have a think for the captca words it makes you put in. This one was motiviti... kinda like motivate. LOL)

  6. Awww... Kayla and Klaus are adorable. I see they have those same amazing long eyelashes as my little Joey.

    You mentioned in your comment to me about Klaus being bored really fast, even at age 4. Wow! And I thought it was just because Joey is still a puppy. Oh well... she's a doll, and keeps me on my toes all day.

    Nice to "meet" you, Patty.