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Saturday, March 19, 2011

General Updates

I guess walking the dogs and finally getting some exercise has paid off because I am feeling better, sleeping better (with the exception of tonight) and am feeling super proud of myself.  I am sore from head to toe, have blisters on my feet, but it is all worth it.  Since it is supposed to rain most of the weekend, I was planning on trying out some of the exercises from the book I won at Katie J's blog.  I am also going to pop in a favorite Leslie Sansone walking DVD.   (Speaking of rain, it has already started.  I can hear it outside.)

Eating has been a challenge.  I am supposed to eat several meals/snack throughout the day and haven't been able to do so yet.  I am hoping to get that going on Saturday and see how I do.  I also plan on doing a lot of my food prep on Saturday/Sunday for the week too.  On the plus side, I have been making this great wild and brown rice mix and adding some craisins to jazz it up.  It really gives this bland rice a nice pop.  Even the hubby had to agree.  He said we should make it like this every time. 

We had a fundraiser at Holly's preschool tonight.  Daniel and I won a raffle prize which is a weekend getaway in Palm Springs.  Woo Hoo!  We are super excited and need some time together alone.  ;)  We had a nice time at the event and got to have some good conversations with a lot of nice parents.  I getting more comfortable with them and finally making some friends outside of work. 

In other news, I am up at 2pm this morning because my wisdom teeth are bothering me.  It is time to get them removed.  I have been waiting for my mom to arrive so I have someone to take care of Holly while I recover.  I think it is time to finally book the appointment.

I also went to the general doctor today to establish myself as a new patient.  I am set up to do blood work and go back for a regular physical in two weeks.  I feel good about this too.  So many of you have been doing this and it inspired me to make the call myself.  So thank you!  I also had Daniel go today.  He got his physical today and will go back with me to do the blood work.  We are doing these check ups and doctors visits together. 

So, all in all, a lot of positive things going on in my life right now.  I am feeling good and feeling capable, which is a nice place to be.


  1. I've never been to Palm Springs and am envious:)

  2. Glad to hear you are doing so well right now.

  3. Feeling good and capable is a great place to be. Exercise really does help you sleep better so for that alone it is so worth it. Congrats on the Palm Springs getaway....nice! I'll send you an e-mail on how to get hold of Chubby McGee for an invite :)

  4. How great to WIN A PRIZE...lucky you...hope you enjoy every minute of the weekend away!

  5. congrats on the prize, and going to the doc, it's such a pain but now that I feel like I'm doing well I kind of don't mind going cuz I generally have good news to report. :D Makes it way more bearable! ;)

    also, sleep is good. :D I struggle with that myself at times.

  6. btw, thanks for the comment on my meatout blog. It is surprisingly affordable! I guess when you think 'specialty fake meats' it gets expensive, but when you think' beans and rice' not so much ;)

  7. Rice with dried fruit is a favorite for me, as well.

  8. I have found that my sleeping has increased, too, since I started really exercise. It really does pay off. Good for you for sticking to it even with sore feet.