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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A Blog Award

Thank you to the amazingly supportive and inspiring Dawn, from A New Dawn for Me, for passing to me The Versatile Blogger Award.   Dawn is on a quest to lose weight, and will let her new dress sizes measure her progress.  I am a relatively new follower to her blog, and love what I have been reading so far.  Thank you, Dawn.

The Rules:
Share with you all 7 things about me you didn't already know and pass the award on to several of your favorite bloggers.

Not sure you are ready to read more about me after the exciting reveals in the ABC's of me, but here it goes.....

1.) I love television and between my husband and I probably DVR 90% of the shows out there today (plus some reality series).  Some of our favorites:  Pretty Little Liars, (yes, I am a teenager at heart), How I Met Your Mother, Chuck, Castle, Mike and Molly, (And that is just Monday!)  The tv is on all the time, running in the background as we make dinner, do dishes, fold laundry and play with Holly.  She likes it when people yell at each other on the big screen and will stop what she is doing to watch.  So needless to say, she loves to watch the Real Housewives series... LOL!  Other than the yelling scenes, Mickey Mouse or Jeopardy, she doesn't pay attention to the television.

2.)  I have very fair skin and don't go out in the sun much.  I burn very easily and am covered in freckles from head to toe.  I actually have a freckle on the bottom of my foot.

3.) My husband and I obsessed with the "Nom Nom" truck featured on the Food Network's Great Food Truck Race.  It is a local Los Angeles truck and we get giddy when it comes to Pasadena.  They have amazing Vietnamese Banh Mi sandwiches.  I prefer the lemongrass chicken to the pork.  The pickled veggies make the sandwich and I have researched online how to make them.  I will be trying the recipe out this weekend.

4.)  I firmly believe that one day I will win the lottery and live the life of luxury I so deserve.   ;)

5.) I want to go cage diving with great white sharks one day.  Or at least see one up close.

6.)  I love trivia games.  I like to compete with others at pubs, restaurants or bars.  We usually do pretty well at the trivia games on cruise ships.

7.) I want to go on a full fledged grown up scavenger hut. 

Now, I get to pass this sweet award on to some of my fellow bloggers (most of you already have this award by now ;)  Check out these wonderful ladies if you are not following already.  They are all on my must read list and are among those inspiring me on this journey. 

Becca from Becca Runs Boston - A fellow New Kids On The Block Fan and a marathon runner.  She is a great cheerleader and I am thankful to have her in the blogosphere.

Katie from Katie J Is On Her Way - One of my go to favorite blogs.  Katie keeps going, no matter what life obstacles are thrown her way.  I love that she boogies to the Let's Dance DVD's and she goes to Zumba classes.  I hope our paths cross when she is this side of the state for BlogHer in August :) 

Birchgirl from 42 Is A Magic Number - Birchgirl has left several helpful comments on my posts in the past month.  She has been working her way down the scale and I am excited to read about her experiences.

Diet Chic - Jury from Diet Chic On A Mission - Is gearing up for the Susan G. Komen 3-Day walk for a cure.  She just accomplished a stair climb (one of my great fears) and is 30 lbs into her 100lbs goal.


  1. Thank you! I will pass on the award tonight.

  2. Thank you very much for the award! And for sharing more about yourself :]
    I also look forward to check out the other ladies’ blogs.


  3. I'm with you wearing the factor 50, covered in freckles and when my skin meets sun = red!
    Nice to know more about you and thanks for the positivity and links to my blog, you are very kind x

  4. you're so sweet! thanks! I need to make a mental note to do this :)

  5. Loved these fun facts about you. I have always wanted to go on a full on scavenger hunt too! Isn't the Floridian in you afraid of sharks?? Lord knows, I am. I might poo my wetsuit if I tried that one. Plus, I am so tv obsessed I have two TiVo's, I could never get by with just one :) Love you to pieces!

  6. I think we share some good TV love, NKOTB fandom AND I *LOVE* Grease 2 (I read your profile)