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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Appointment Update

Today was the day of my appointment with the "nutritionist".  What I learned today is that they are not in fact nutritionists, but occupational therapists.  What is occupational therapy you ask?  Directly from the packet of information I brought home "Occupational therapy is known as the therapy through doing."  Their goal is help me incorporate a more healthy lifestyle and activity into my already hectic schedule.  Considering this is the main issue I have with getting and staying on track, I still think this program is going to be a good fit for me.

Today we went through the basic first time questions, establishing my current activities, routines, short term and long term goals.  We also discussed what I want to change and why.  I want to focus on my sleeping habits, ending my food addictions to fast food, and sweets and incorporating at least 1 hour of activity daily in my routine.  We discussed that gradual small changes would be most effective and that would be the approach we are going to take on this program.

I received an information packet, and had some homework assigned to me which was:  track my food for the week, record times, feelings, etc.  Also, to drink more water.  I am also to read the information packet regarding nutrition as this is the discussion point for next weeks meeting.  We also had my first start weigh in and here are the terrifying results:

Weight:   336.4 lbs  (I had clothes on and the scale reduces weight by 2lbs for this.)
BMI:   54.3
Fat %  56.5%
BMR  2271 calories
Fat Mass   190.01 lbs  (I have 190 lbs of fat on my person.  Ewwwww.)

The program is 16 weeks long and each week there is a main topic we focus on.  Some of the topics are stress management, emotional eating, physical activity, social eating, balance, nutrition, etc.  As for the cost, they do bill my insurance and there is a co-pay of $30 per week.  They worked out a special discount with the insurance provider that I am eligible to have my co-pays rebated to me at the end of the program  (up to $240), as long as I am able to maintain my weight loss for 90 days after the program end date.  Because I am doing the private sessions, I pay $30 per week, = $480 for the 16 week program.  If I was doing the group sessions, I would have been paying $15 per week, = $240 and the eligible $240 rebate would have equaled zero out of pocket cost for me.   I don't mind paying the $240 out of pocket at this point.  I have a good feeling about my therapist, the program and think this is exactly what I need to get me going in the right direction.


  1. you are so lucky to have all that professional are so lucky..I wish I could go there

  2. Yeah, you are lucky to get all the help. Glad you are feeling positive about this step forward. Do keep us up-to-date.

  3. sounds like a good program. I'm interested to see what the discussion is like with some of those topics, especially stress management and social eating. Keep us posted!

  4. Sounds really good. Like the fact that there are so many important topics. The more I learned about myself and why I eat the way I do, the more I was able to change into new and healthier habits. Give it a good try.