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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Thank you, Baby Holly

Thank you, baby Holly, for helping to get mommy back on track in the mornings.

Lately, I have been lazy bones in the morning.  Probably because I am not sleeping well, and find myself going to sleep later and later as the week drags on.  Holly and I wake up with enough time to jump out of bed, shower, change and get the bottles ready for the day, before we dash out the door.  Breakfast for me has been on the run, followed by lunch on the run and then dinner (sometimes also on the run.)
Today was a little different.  Holly got me up bright and early at 6:22am this morning.  We started the day off right, by getting up and making our breakfast, getting our respected lunches and snacks ready for the day, followed by shower and dressing.

Thank you, baby Holly, for showing mommy your natural competitive spirit and perseverance.

Due to our early rise, I was a little early dropping Holly off at school.  I got to hang out for a few minutes to watch her play with the other toddlers.  They had a little game going, where the teacher would bounce a ball on the wall and the kids would go after it and bring back to her and repeat.  Holly immediately joined in with the other little girl who was playing.  Each time, Holly was quick to get the ball and bring it back.  Not in an obnoxious, push you out of the way kind of competition, but natural, go for it, this is fun kind of way.  I also got to witness Holly going for the ball in a few difficult, out of reach spots, and not stopping until she got what she wanted.  I swelled up with pride today and thought how much this little girl is like her mommy. 

Thank you, baby Holly, for reminding me of who I really am.

I am competitive.  I stop at nothing to achieve what I want and try, try again until I succeed or sometimes over achieve.   Why do I choose to be competitive in some areas of life (career, higher education, etc.) but not in others (health, fitness, etc.)?  

I have achieved a lot, overcoming obstacles, taking the long way, rather than short cuts, to make me a stronger person.  I just never applied it to every aspect of my life.  Is it because I am so focused and driven to prove myself or excel in career and family that I spend all my energy focused on those subjects and don’t have enough time and energy to focus on the others?     

My #1 excuse for not being able to manage the health and fitness side of life is because I can’t balance home and work life.  Is this why?  If I focused less on career, and applied that energy to health would I be just as driven and successful?  Do I really have too much on my plate and can only focus on one or two things at a time to be successful?   I really hope not, because I want it all.  I want to be good at it all.  I just need to figure out how. 


  1. Great post. New follower here. I look forward to watching you lose. I have a lot to lose too so I like finding people who I can lose with.

  2. Patty!!!! You won my Giveaway! :-D Email me your address at okay! I have the book too so I am anxious to compare notes!