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Friday, February 25, 2011

Nutritionist or not to Nutritionist?

Hi Blogland! I have had a nutso week and as a result have been self medicating with food.  I am sure the scale will tell the tale tomorrow when I weigh in.  I can imagine that it won't be pretty.

Holly has been home for the past day and a half day with a fever of 103.  (This is the part where I break into Foreigner's Hot Blooded...)   Poor baby went to the doctor, got her ears flushed and learned she had an ear infection to boot.  We are in cuddle, snuggle, and nurture mode right now.  The good news she should be better in the next 48 hours.

Since Holly has been sick, I have had a lot of quiet time to think and talk to myself as she sleeps in my arms.  I am pretty disgusted with myself and my eating, lack of energy to exercise, etc.  Believe me folks, I have a deep desire to be 100% committed to a new healthy lifestyle and making my 135 by 2012 goal, however, I can't seem to stay on track.  I let any ordinary obstacle get in my way and derail me even if I have only been on track for a day or even a half day.  I have to find a way to break this cycle and stick with it once and for all.  I am so tired of coming to this blog and having to update that I haven't made any progress.  I want to be one of my many blog friend inspirations with success stories, pictures and a new active lifestyle to report and in turn do my part to inspire others.

I have been toying with the idea of finding a nutritionist who can help me break this addiction to food in general but most specifically, fast food and sugar.  I have been having intense cravings for both and am losing the battle and caving in to my "drugs".  I of course am tired of spending $ on weight loss efforts and don't want someone who is going to tell me what I already know, or developing meal plans that I can create myself for free on  (My favorite website!)  So I did some research...

I found a program that will be basically be free for me (after insurance pays) since the providers are linked to the university I work for.  This program focuses on lifestyle redesign, including the obvious nutritional component, but with the added benefits of stress and time management, balancing work and personal life, incorporating the needed healthy lifestyle changes in your already hectic schedule, etc... HELLO, these are all the reasons I have been siting as the blame for my continued failure at this journey.  I found the website too late tonight to call for an appointment, but Monday, I will be making the call.  I figure with no out of pocket expense, why not try it?  Nothing to lose, right?  If I like what they have to say in my consult and decide to participate in the program, I will be sure to document my experience.  Fingers crossed this helps!

In other exciting news, I received in the mail today my loot from Katie J!  I will share with you all tomorrow my new exercise book and may even show a pic or two of me attempting some of the moves with my super cool new water bottle by my side.  Thanks, Katie!

Happy weekend everyone :)


  1. A nutritionalist...I'm not so sure after all its not knowing what we need to do that is the problem, but doing it.....but the whole package, nutrition, stress, time, life management and paid for by a fabulous opportunity....I would love to have the chance to do that! You must give it a try....You are sooooo lucky to have that opportunity
    Go for it

  2. Emotional eating is so difficult.

    I was a compulsive overeatr/binger but I haven't done either since october 14th 2010. I realized one day after fighting with my mom on the phone, that if I ate the spaghetti my bf made for dinner (carbs=trigger food if too much/ate at the wrong time.) I'd probably eat it all and he made WAY too much.

    I decided not to eat at all until I felt more calm/in control of my emotions. Of course, not easy, but I got online and hashed out my problems with my sister, she knows what a pain mom can be at times. Then, FOUR HOURS LATER, I decided I could eat. I was soooo hungry, but decided on a huge veggie salad instead of a 'comfort food' like pasta.

    I try as hard as I can to keep stress low, (this includes cutting down on how much I talk to my mom, and cutting 'toxic' people out of my life.) and yes, food is an addiction for me, but not all food. I NEVER ONCE over did it on broccoli. I recognized over time that fried food/pasta are huge triggers, I either can't eat them, or can, in a controlled way and only if I'm not feeling emotional.

    Therapy has helped me, I wish you luck with this program you're doing.

  3. Sounds like a great idea. I went to a nutritionist a few times and found it very helpful - it's something I would consider doing more regularly actually. They are helpful at helping you identify triggers. For me: cereal, peanut butter, ice cream. Good luck! let us know how it works out :)

  4. A nutritionist will really help you to understand serving or portion sizes. I also went to one many years ago, but, at that time I was not really ready. It really helped when she gave me the nutrition info for fast food places.

    But for me, what really made the difference was decided that if I did not do something if I did not really get fit and healthy, I would pay, and so would my family. You have a young child, what you do for you now, you also do for your baby in that you will be healthy and able to enjoy their life you the fullest. You don't want to be the mom who can not keep up with your kids. Plus, remember you are a role model for your child in terms of being healthy and making healthy decisions.

    Here is where you can read more about me:

    Here is where you can see another blogger who is young with young kids and working hard to get healthy:

  5. I agree with Dawn, but at the same time, the accountability could be helpful...