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Monday, January 31, 2011

Habits, Money and Insomnia

I was called out on Facebook by a very dear long time friend who said I needed to check in and start posting again.  (Thanks, Stacy!) 

Usually, when I am hiding from the blog it means I am being a bad girl.  This time, it is half true.  I have been eating chocolate like it is going out of style.  On the plus side, I have been good about not eating out, wearing my body bugg and making my lunches.

So, why am I eating chocolate like it is not going to exist tomorrow?  Because I am stressed out, and a little melancholy.  I don't like to talk about money, but let's just say I have a size able tax bill that will come due in April and it has me upset.  Now, thanks to Uncle Sam and the corrupt state of California, my house hunt will be postponed for a while.  It's not the end of the world, it's a delay, I just hate writing the check.  Another reason why I need a house - tax shelter anyone?  LOL!

On the work front, we are starting our busy season and I am excited.  I like the productivity, and challenges, but it gets my mind racing when I am at home at night trying to relax and hit the sheets.  I go through periods when I have insomnia.  Mostly, when I am stressed out or my mind it filled to the max with to do lists, personally and professionally.  I am going through one of those periods now and haven't been sleeping much.  Holly is also cutting both her top teeth simultaneously, so there is no sleep allowed at night.  In fact, last night, I literally had zero hours of sleep.  I was up late on my own, just busy thinking about work, above said tax situation and possible actions for the future, my mom moving in with us in April, etc.  When Holly woke up.  We stayed up together the rest of the night until about 5am.  The whole time she was crying and fussing.  I hate that there isn't much I can do to take the pain away for her.  We stayed home today and tried to get some sleep, but not much luck, with the gardeners outside.  I feel like I am running on adrenaline.  I hope that I can beat this insomnia bug and get to sleep tonight before Holly wakes up for fussy time.

On the weight loss front: I haven't been weighing myself for fear of what the scale might say.  I haven't been exercising, but my eating habits have improved, with the exception of the chocolate affair 2011.  I have been wearing the Bugg, alternating arms as suggested.  It has made a difference and I am not getting the blisters I was getting before.  I am hoping the next small change is to actually start tracking my food.   

I am still dedicated to this weight loss challenge by 2012.  I do still have my mojo and drive to do it, I just haven't learned how to manage the challenge while managing my daily life.  I let these other stresses, people, demands, etc. take over and haven't made the time for myself.  I am trying.  Slowly but surely, I will get there.  I am sticking to the small changes and will eventually find the balance I need to be successful.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Small Changes Part 2

I have vowed to make small changes to help me adapt a new healthy lifestyle.  I figured by giving myself one small task at a time to focus on, I will make it a "habit".  Once I start doing that task without a struggle or having to think about it, then I consider it a true new healthy habit and I can move on to the next one.

I feel confident that I have been successful with my first small change of keeping myself moving after work by cooking, cleaning, chores, chasing after a naked baby who is trying to escape her inevitable diapering and pj's. etc. I don't get everything done in that time that I want to, but I am keeping true to it.

I am ready to tackle the next small change.  I wrote earlier this week that I wanted to try waking up early in the morning and doing a workout before having to get ready for work.  I haven't made that happen yet because as soon as I declared this, my insomnia kicked in and I haven't been sleeping at night.  (Proof is in the non-fat/sugar free pudding - I have been up since Midnight and am posting this at 4:00am).  I am not giving up on this for sure, but maybe won't make it my next small change challenge focus.  Instead, I had another idea....

I have invested a small fortune in every weight loss tool imaginable, but my favorite by far has been my Body Bugg.  It keeps me moving and motivated to hit my calorie burn target everyday.  I stopped wearing it because of the blisters it was causing on my arms.  Well, I have dusted the old girl off and I am ready to start wearing it again... EVERYDAY!  I will take every body's advice and alternate arms each day to avoid the blisters.  I know from past experience wearing this little miracle device keeps my heine moving all day long.  I am constantly checking my calorie burn count and will not stop until I have achieved my target burn for the day. 

I am excited about this next small change challenge.  Woo Hoo!!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Series of Updates

First things first - WI Update:
Two weeks in a row with a no loss/no gain on the scale.  I am maintaining a steady 323lbs.  I feel good about this considering I haven't done anything significant on the diet and exercise front.  I also feel bad about this because according to my goals I should be down 20+lbs by now.  Uhhhhh....

Second- Small Changes Update:
I am thrilled to report that I have been maintaining my small changes challenge.  Each night rather than sitting back watching tv, I do my chores until I either can't stand anymore or have to move on to putting Holly to bed.  This has been great for me and I believe the "habit" has been formed. I feel good about this because I am moving and can tell the difference in the stiffness of my muscles.  Plus - my kitchen has never been so clean!  LOL!  

Third - No more company.
My sister, after a month long visit, has gone back home to Miami.  It was great having her here, but I take full advantage of her visit and let her do everything.  While it was great to have a break, it left me sedentary, and with a very full belly.  I am happy to have use of my kitchen once again and actually look forward to the exercise I will get doing the laundry.  On the negative side - I have changed what feels like a billion diapers since she has left.  It was nice not having to do that for a while.

Fourth - Cooking and food shopping.
I decided one of my resolutions this year is to not eat out so much.  It is costing me not just financially but calorically (is that even a word?) as well.  So now that I have the kitchen back, I have started to make more healthy and portion controlled meals.  This weekend was focused on getting rid of what we had in the fridge, but good portions.  Tonight I am trying out a crock pot recipe from Skinny Gina, Puerto Rican Pork.  I can't wait to see how it comes out. 

Food shopping this week went great.  We stayed out of the middle aisles and bought all fresh fruits and veggies.  (No frozen for me.)  Tonight we try collard greens with our pork.  I can't wait.      

Fifth - Exercise
Time is still a factor with exercise.  Now that I am doing dinner, cleaning, etc.  I am usually wiped out afterward and fall asleep with Holly when I put her to bed.  I am trying to get myself back on a good sleep schedule.  Perhaps I can manage a morning workout before I have to hit the showers and get ready for the day.  I am going to try this tomorrow.  Wish me luck!

That is pretty much all I have to update.  I know, you are super jealous of the exciting life I lead.. LOL!  Now you know why I obsessively read all of your blogs.  I have to live vicariously through all of you. :)  Plus all the food porn out there makes me drool.