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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

My baby is a year old today

Little Holly Hanna, my baby, my toddler, is a year old today.  I find this impossible to believe.  It  was just yesterday I squirted this little bundle from my loins. 

And now she is a walking, talking (like Chewbacca), little stinker who is kinda eating normal food (She only had 1.5 teeth.) 

A year later, I am still a sleep deprived, Zombie Mom, who can barely remember what I did 5 minutes ago, but she makes me smile no matter how tired, cranky or covered in poop I seem to be.  I do have to say, thank you inventor gods, for binkies.

If you want to reminisce the day of her birth with me you are welcome to read 3 posts of gory birth story details and 1 post of after delivery recovery gore, you can go to my other, other blog, what it is like to be fat and pregnant, but no one knows it because you are too fat and thinks you may be the devil for attempting to get pregnant because you are fat and can't possibly have a healthy pregnancy because you are so fat, Tales of a Plus Size Pregnancy


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