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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Energy and Cravings

Holly woke me up at 2:30 am this morning.  I think she is starting to get her upper teeth.  Oh fun! But I did notice that I bounced out of bed once she fell back asleep (3:30am) and I have been moving ever since.  I never have an abundance of energy this early in the am usually.  I think it has to do with getting back on track with my eating.  What a world of difference.

In other news, I have been craving more fruits and veggies.  I think it has something to do with my new mind trick.  I am such a visual person.  If I see a commercial for a specific food, restaurants, people eating something that looks or smells good, I start to crave it and slowly get this overwhelming need to consume  have what I have seen.  So I thought that if I surrounded myself with visuals of fresh fruit and veggies that this power of suggestion would start working in my favor.  I took an advertisement I received in the mail from Target.  They have expanded their stores in CA to include a larger grocery section, without turning into a full "Super Target".  Well the ads have these beautiful pictures of super fresh fruits, veggies, etc.  I keep one on my fridge and in my living room.  I glance at them all the time and the next thing I know when I am hungry for a snack I find myself having cravings for grapes, or mandarin oranges.  It is great!

It is now 5am and time for my 2 hour nap before I have to get up again and get ready for work. 


  1. Happy birthday! Hope it's a great year and that you get closer to your goal!