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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Week 1 Weigh In

Drum Roll, Please!

I weighed in this morning at 323.2, giving me a loss of 4.2 pounds and 1.28% of total weight loss. 
I am very grateful for the 4.2 pound loss, however, I have been weighing myself everyday like a naughty little girl and know that I weighed 321 yesterday, but whatever!  I still lost a lot, and it was 2.42 pounds more than my weekly goal of 1.78lbs. I am ahead of schedule.  Woo Hoo!!

I do have a confession though, I fell quickly off the soda wagon.  I had a total of three sodas between Thursday and Friday.  Damn, you Diet Coke, why can't I quit you??  Well, I can and I will start fresh again today.  Why did I fall off the wagon?  Was I going through withdrawals?  No, not really.  I was feeling really tired one morning and before I knew it I was on autopilot driving through McD's to get my egg mcmuffin and standard diet coke.  I honestly wasn't thinking.  Since I failed that morning, I allowed myself one in the afternoon.  And then again yesterday during lunch.  It didn't make me fell better, or was truly amazing, just convenient.   So, I came home from work last night and made a big pitcher of autumn pumpkin spice iced tea and drank that the rest of the night.

Today, it is actually raining in LA.  Holly and I were planning to go for a walk down to the bank but I guess we will have to drive on our way to the mall to pick up her Christmas pictures.  I think we will be mall walking and doing a little window shopping.  We need to get some idea of what Santa needs to bring Daddy for Christmas. 

I hope you all have a wonderful day planned :) 
Happy Saturday!! 


  1. yay.. that´s a great loss!! i´m guilty of checking that scale habit everyday and so far i can´t quit. oh well. keep it up, you´re doing so great!