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Friday, November 12, 2010

Soda and Scales

Day 1 of being soda free was surprisingly super easy, and cheaper.  I saved a whole dollar at lunch time.  Woo Hoo! I didn't have any headaches either.  I hope my quest continues to go this smoothly.

Eating has been good too.  I measured out my cereal and milk in the morning, had a sensible lunch of turkey on whole wheat and baked lays and home made chinese for dinner.  I have been trying out new food trackers online since I am still having trouble accessing from work.  I haven't found one I like or found as easy as Spark.  I have a feeling I might just stick to Sparkpeople and enter my food at the end of the day or once I get my Droid phone up a going on Friday, use the Spark app to track at work.

My next challenge is to find a good scale.  I got rid of the one I used to have and bought a Biggest Loser scale from QVC.  It is the worst scale I have ever had.  I get a dramatically different weight each time I step on within 1 minute.  So I am now in the market for a new scale.  I am going to go back to some of the blog archives and see with our other WL bloggers are using.  I would love to be able to buy one this weekend so I can start tracking the weight loss immediately.

All in all, a great first day of clean, healthy living. 


  1. That is wonderful! We have to start somewhere! Wishing you lots of success!!

  2. Just found your blog randomly LOL and saying you can do it! I have lost over 130 pounds since last year, and NEVER thought I could do it-I also want to weigh 135 at goal, right now I'm 153, so getting closer :) OH and i used to be a diet coke whore (well, fine, plus dr pepper, plus mt dew...i was a soda slut, ok? LOL) and i discovered zevia, which is amazing, have you heard of it? (i sound kinda spammy, LOL, so sorry-just sharing new healthy lifestyle tips that have eased the process for me and whatnot :D)