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Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Math, Goals and Rewards

I had my official starting weigh in today, 327.4.  This was expected.  I am actually happy it is not more than 330.  I weighed myself 3 times and this number came up twice.  (I really need to get this scale situation rectified.)

  • Lbs needed to lose in order to reach goal of 135 by 12/12/12 = 192.4 
  • Average weekly number of pounds to lose in order to reach goal = 1.78 
  • Number of weekly weigh in between now and 12/12/12 = 108
I can't believe I have to lose the equivalent of an obese person to make it to goal.  How did I let it get this far?  192.4lbs really??  I am sickened.  I totally have my work cut out for me.  But, let's look on the bright side, my goal is realistic to the point it will only take an average of 1.78lbs per week to make goal, which puts me in that recommended 1-2lb a week range.  Woo Hoo!

These are mini goals I would like to set for myself.  They are above the average 1.78lb weekly average, which should motivate me to work a little harder.  I don't want to get too far ahead of myself so I have posted three for the time being.
  • Down 10lbs by 12/11/10, week 4. 
  • Lose 28.4lbs, which would put me under 300 by 1/22/11, week 10. 
  • 10% of body weight or 32.74lbs by 2/26/11, week 15.
I have been having a hard time figuring out a reward system.  I finally settled on $5 for each lb lost to be transferred to a special weight loss project savings account.  That way I can build up a little nest egg for anything special I want to buy for myself. 

It's on!


  1. Try putting the scale on the floor inside your shower or bathtub - it is usually the most even surface in a house or apartment. It's probably the floor, not the scale itself.

  2. I just found your blog. You will find a great deal of support in the blogging community for you as you continue on your journey. I will be back to check in! Michele